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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that to most people, all they want is a clean and shiny car. In this section we will try to give you a view of our world and help you understand our processes and technical terms.

What is Detailing?
Detailing is the thorough cleaning of all of your vehicles surfaces, inside and out. Your paintwork can then also be rejuvenated for a better than showroom shine through paint correction. Detailing is far more than just running your vehicle through a local car wash. In actual fact this will cause damage. After a house, a car for most people will be their biggest investment. It makes sense to protect that investment. Detailing is the method in which to achieve that.

What is Paint Correction?
Your paint is subjected to harmful contaminates everyday. In the sun it is attacked by UV. In the rain, the water drops will erode and etch into the finish. Paint Correction is the process in which any damage or defects are systematically worked at and removed. The process can remove Scratches, Swirl Marks, Bird bomb etchings and Oxidization very effectively and you can expect to have your car returned more often than not with a better than showroom Paint Finish. See our Paint Correction services.

What is Paintwork Decontamination?
Paintwork decontamination is the process of removing contaminates from the paints finish. A basic clean and wash will remove all the dirt and grime but unfortunately will not remove any of the contaminates. These range from Brake Dust, Tar, Industrial Fallout and Water Calcium's. A Vehicle Clay Bar is the number one weapon to defect these contaminates as well as bond breaking chemicals that soften there grip. Decontamination is always performed before a Correction to enable the best finish possible. 90% of detailing is in the prep work.

What is Clay Barring?
Your vehicle is covered in micro particles that attach themselves to your paintwork. Red hot brake dust melts into the surface, industrial fallout and overspray speckles litter your paintwork leaving it coarse and lumpy. Conventional washing will not remove these impurities. A Clay bar for vehicles is nothing like the sticky mud you find in your yard, it is a special abrasive resin compound block that when lubricated will glide over the vehicles paint. Micro particles are lifted out and the whole process leaves your paint feeling like glass. paint correction

What is Buffing / Machine Polish / Paint Correction?
Using a buffing machine is the best method for removing paint defects. Combining different graded pads and polish will gently massage the defects by leveling the paint. This process is generally referred to as a “Cut & Polish”. Paintwork on average is around 140 microns thick, the “Cut” will only remove around 3 microns at a time. A lot less dramatic than it sounds and wont damage your paintwork when performed correctly. To achieve great results takes a great deal of skill and time to leave a flawless finish. This means leaving the vehicle without buffer trails and with the defects removed and not just hidden, including in direct sunlight. Unfortunately many fail to achieve the appropriate results.

What is Polish?
Polish is a liquid that has particles suspended in it. These particles are designed to be either “abrasive” to rub out defects and sand back paintwork a few microns at a time, or as a “filler” to mask scratches. This reduces the edges of a scratch catching the light, which in turn catches your eye. Only abrasive polish can cure the problems in paintwork, fillers can only hide them for a period of time. Over the counter brands can confuse buyers and you should not confuse Polish, Wax or Sealants. Polish is not applied to leave a slick finish on the paint, its designed to basically remove scratches and buff up oxidization to freshen the paint. Polish is applied and then totally removed.

What is Wax / Sealant?
Wax and Sealants are a protective barrier that are designed to be applied to a freshly cleaned paint surface to guard against contaminates. It will leave the surface slick, not allowing contaminates to stick. Even water!!! A by product is a sensational shine and deep glossy colour and reflections that will leave you wondering where the car ends and its surroundings begin. Waxes contain a certain amount of natural wax usually Carnuaba from Brazil, never the 100% thats often advertised. Sealants are a synthetic polymer chain that does the same job but far outlasts a wax. Theres nothing to stop you layering the two though.

What is Paint Protection & do I need it?
Paint protection is a barrier that is applied to a vehicles surface to keep the finish like new. Many new car buyers will be met by the pretty sales woman after signing on the dotted line. Her job is to sell you paint protection and more importantly a warranty. Its an excellent idea, but usually very expensive for what you are actually getting. Paint Protection is designed to be applied once and then forgotten about. It should repel all contaminates making for easy washing without the need to polish and wax. The jury is still out on whether a once off application can last the test of time compared with regular care and attention due to the large amounts of unworthy products available. Unfortunately nearly everybody advertising Paint Protection is advertising and applying products that dont really live up to the hype. We deal with Nanoshine Ceramic Pro and CQuartz Finest depending on your needs for Paint Protection. Both are genuine long lasting or Permanent barriers applied to the paint finish to isolate it from the outside world. Call us to discuss Paint Protection further. Ceramic Pro 9H Paint Protection

Are You Insured?
Yes, fully. Not only for our own benefit, but also for the customers piece of mind.

Are You Mobile?
Yes. We come to you, wherever you happen to be. We also carry our own equipment. All we require is a power socket and a tap for water. We can bring our own, however generators are noisy and water takes up precious space. We can however accommodate special requests.

Why should I choose Auto Glamour?
Good Question! We are building a reputation for providing not only sensational results but a professional service that puts the customer first. You can also trust the workmanship and quality of materials being used. Many Drive In—Drive-Out car washes use recycled water, great right? What if your following a filthy 4x4? Your basically washing your car in their muddy, sandy water. On the same level, a 15 minute wash down with a brush is causing more damage, most of which is not immediately visible. Our results stand the test of time. We treat every car like its our own with the upmost care they deserve with no corner cutting. By the same token we do not skip something that sticks out just because its not in the package you paid for. We use the worlds leading products and proven techniques to pamper your vehicle. We do not use heavy duty chemicals with a heavy hand just to save time. Potential clients should be aware of our imitators. Our photos and website content is often copied and duplicated, be sure your getting the real deal. Finally we issue computer generated invoices on the day of the service once we are finished.